Prospect Management

new property launch campaign is made easier

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How It Works

Drive more sales with lead generation, scoring & conversion, moves your prospect through the sales pipeline with proper cares.

1. Setup
New launch campaign

Setup register interest form and campaign base on your on-going property campaign.

2. Share
Your campaign

To your respective marketing channels, E.g. Facebook ads, company website, email, and etc

3. Prospect Registration
Interest to buy

Capture prospect registrations which navigated from your ads & marketing channels

4. Assignment
To sales consultant

Auto assignment base on configuration, E.g. round robin, sales manager assignment, or specify assignment.

5. Engage
Your Prospect

Initiate engagement to your prospect with Prospekhub mobile app, and move them through the sales pipeline.

6. Appointment
Show unit viewing

Schedule a viewing appointment for prospect with Prospekhub mobile app and seal the deal.

7. Performance Review
On conversion Rate

Identify sales & marketing performance with our 20+ reports & analytics. Insights to reduce cost & increase conversion.

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